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Remote Work - From an Employee Perspective

Waikato University MBA High Impact Project - Exploring whether there is a relation between remote working and an employee’s self-determined performance, social support, family commitment, personal characteristics or perceived wellbeing. 


The principal investigator of this research project is Rosie Miller, an MBA student from the University of Waikato. Rosie Miller conducts the whole project under the supervision of Dr Hataya Sibunruang, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, University of Waikato.  

The purpose of this research is to explore and understand how employees value remote work in the New Zealand context, to support local businesses with future recruitment and retention strategies. This study will explore whether there is any relation between working remotely and the employees self-determined performance, their social support, family commitments, personal characteristics and perceived wellbeing.  


The global covid19 pandemic was a catalyst for remote work, with 40% of the New Zealand working age population shifting to this way of life for at least a short period of time. As New Zealand reaches the perceived tail end of the covid19 pandemic, there is ongoing debate about the suitability of remote work for the general population, compared with the expectation that employees return to the worksite. Due to the size and isolation of New Zealand, our response to the covid19 pandemic has generally lagged behind the rest of the globe, therefore this proves a pivotal time to look to the global literature, while surveying a local population to gain a New Zealand perspective on the value of remote work for employees. This research may support employers in understanding the value employees place on remote work, informing future recruitment and retention strategies.  

What will you have to do and how long will it take?  

The survey consists of questions related to your remote work experience; including work-family conflict, personal characteristics, support, feedback, psychological wellbeing and self-reported performance. You will be invited to complete the online questionnaire only once, and it takes 10 -15 minutes of your time.


What will happen to the information collected?  

Your responses will be collected in a digital format. The information obtained will be kept in a password-protected computer. Electronic data files will be deleted after the analysis is completed. The obtained information is treated with the strictest confidentiality and comply with New Zealand law.

Please note that any findings from this research project will be reported anonymously and in aggregate. Therefore, participants will not be named in the research report and every effort will be made to disguise your identity. If you wish to access a copy of the final report or have any enquiries, please email Rosie at [email protected].

A final report will also be shared through HRNZ communications.