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Research invitation - NZ Staff Turnover Survey

HRNZ Members are invited to participate in the 2021 New Zealand Staff Turnover Survey... This survey is brought to you by Lawson Williams in partnership with the HRNZ...

So what really happened to Staff turnover in 2020? What has been the impact of Covid-19?

2020 was a mixed year for NZ Businesses. For some it was and remains a significant challenge and for others the year turned up some surprising results all leading to varying impacts on staff turnover.

In 2020 we reported on the first 6 months of the year and asked participants to predict staff turnover for the full year.  In this 2021 survey we will report for the full 2020 year plus the first 6 months of 2021 - complete the survey.

Our 2021 survey (now in its 14th year) will bring you important information to better understand how your staff turnover compares with others in your sector, region and across the country. This is New Zealand's only comprehensive annual survey of staff turnover. All results are from grouped data, ensuring participant anonymity.

Completing the questionnaire takes around 10 minutes. Survey participants receive a full report covering:

  • Industry comparison - your organisation's performance on staff turnover versus other employers in your industry sector. Also included is private sector vs. public sector comparisons.
    • Note – if you operate divisions that cross different industries you may choose to submit your data on a divisional  basis to provide greater clarity regarding differences between the industry sectors.
  • Voluntary versus involuntary departures - a benchmark indicator of your staff retention performance and organisational culture.
  • Covid-19 information relating to uptake of Government financial support, working from home, redundancy percentages actual and predicted through to 2021.
  • Departures in the first year of employment - a benchmark indicator of the success of your recruitment and induction programmes.
  • Turnover by Region - compare across New Zealand.
    • Note – for companies operating branches across New Zealand you may choose to submit data on a regional basis to provide better clarity regarding differences between the regions.
  • Other Turnover Data - including reasons for leaving, retention strategies, exit interview and outplacement use.
  • Trends Analysis and Commentary - key comparisons with the previous five years and suggestions for the future.
  • Recommendations - managing turnover and applying turnover metrics.


All data is treated confidentially and held on a separate, secure server. No organisation's data can be accessed by any other party. 

For further information or if you experience any issues, please email the Survey Manager, [email protected]