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Dr Deepika Jindal first Chartered Member (Academic)

Congratulations to Dr Deepika Jindal on becoming the first Chartered Member (Academic)

Outside of her role as Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland, Dr Deepika Jindal is Branch President of HRNZ Academic Branch and an Auckland Branch Committee Member. She is passionate about professional accreditation, so kindly took the time to share her thoughts about HRNZ Chartered Membership.

What are the benefits of being an HRNZ Chartered Member?
HRNZ Chartered Membership recognises an individual's professional competency and personal credibility in the HR profession. It demonstrates to others that the individual is committed to the profession and is continuously developing themselves in the field. It may also open further career development opportunities.  

Why did you apply for HRNZ Chartered Membership?
I applied for HRNZ Chartered Membership because I felt that receiving this accreditation would demonstrate that I have met the highest professional standards required as an HR Academic. It also acknowledges the journey that I have travelled in my HR career to reach to this point. 

How did you find the application process?
The academic application process was very smooth and simple to follow as the HRNZ website has very clear guidelines around the 5-step process. The National Office were very efficient in their communication regarding the next steps. The interview enabled me to think aloud and reflect on what being an HR academic means to me and how it contributes to the HR profession, my students, the University, and to New Zealand.  

Why is professional accreditation/chartered membership important to you?
Being a Chartered Member instils the confidence in me that I have met the required standards to be accredited. It enhances my standing in the academic and practitioner community. It ensures my extended learning through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and inspires me to aim for the next step: Chartered Fellowship. 

Why do you think fellow academics should apply for HRNZ Chartered Membership?
I would strongly encourage my fellow academics to apply for Chartered Membership. Being accredited not only increases our individual recognition as academics but also uplifts the branding of our tertiary institutes and of New Zealand. Moreover, the process is quite straightforward and easy to engage with.